NIAGARA Corporation LLC

Corporation LLC
"Refining and Repurposing Old and New Elements Around the Globe..."
Niagara Corporation Manages an Extreemly Active Portfolio of:


Facility Operations and Manufacturing

Property Re-Development / Structure Reuse

Commoditees Trading

Asset Liquidation and Private Sales

Equipment Acquisition

Construction Services; Engineering, Construction, Demolition, Remediation, Rigging, Installation

The NIAGARA Corporation team, specializes in an array of redevelopment, with a unique ability to maximize value and use of dormant facilities.


Security Installation and Enhancement

Utility Procurement and Distribution

Landfill Management and Control

Site Sampling and Analysis

Fuel and Mineral Collection and Processing

Complete Site Redeployment

Transportation / Logistics;  Rail, Truck, Shipping, Containerization 

Fuel Business; Coal, Syn Gas, BIO


NIAGARA Corporation developes corporate properties and handles the property of third party facility owners. 

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