Lake Shore Commerce Center 
Developed By: EJ Spirtas Group, LLC 

170,000 Sq Ft Warehouse
20,000 Sq Ft Office Bldg
40,000 Sq Ft Co-Gen Power Plant
60 Acres

3.97 Acres - 40,000 Sq Ft Operational Co-Gen Power Station
Assets and Building; Owned, Manged and Operated by INDECK OSWEGO


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Oswegopictures/Guardhousenow.jpg Oswegopictures/Warehousenow.jpg Oswegopictures/Crushing2.jpg Oswegopictures/Crushing1.jpg

About Aqua Bank - Proposed Site Development

Riverbank’s Aquabank™ is an underground alternative power generation facility that produces electricity from turbines located underground near a suitable water source with a combined installed capacity of 1,000 MW.

The Aquabank™ system temporarily diverts water from the source using the force of gravity down 600 metre shafts to an underground powerhouse, where it travels through four massive turbines, thereby creating emission-free electric power. This newly generated power is then harnessed by a transformer and sent to the power grid to help accommodate peak consumption periods in urban communities.

Once through the turbines, the water is then temporarily stored in enormous reservoirs at approximately the same depth as the powerhouse before being pumped back to its original source using lower cost power from traditional and renewable power sources.

This new power generation will provide a valuable alternative to fossil peaking generation and will enable renewable sources to be optimized.


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