Here is a partial list of companies that have experienced measurable bottom-line improvements after working with our consulting firm.

  • Helfer Consulting
  • MBL Properties
  • Symsack Development 
  • Lafser & Associates
  • Panera Bread Company
  • Meridian Properties - NY
  • Corporate Development - NY
  • Brown & James
  • THF Properties
  • BJC Hospital D&C 
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    Here's what our clients are saying...

    "I found Mr. Spirtas to be very reliable, quick, and with a style that was easy to follow...
    Steve Symsack, Agent - Coldwell Banker Commercial

    "Spirtas handled the entire biding process from begining to end, integrated our engineering information and helped us move our project forward"
    Howard Schlesinger; Principle - Meridian Development

    "While Spirtas' job at first was to let bids and plan the site work on our project, our desision to hire his firm to Project Manage was a great one.  At the end of the day Spirtas saved our ownership group over half a million dollars and kept the job on time and under budget..."
    Steve Helfer; Owner - Helfer Consulting

    “I throughly enjoyed working with Eric. I found him to be extremely resourceful,diligent and knowledgeable in completing all assignments and going above and beyond to satify his customers. If I had a requirement for his expertise,I woulsd hire him without hesitation.” April 29, 2010
    George Skivington, President, Skivington Imaging

    “After meeting Eric eight or nine months ago, and doing business on several occasions, I can recomend Eric not only as a genuine businessman but also as a savvy networker who always has the Win Win notion for mutual sucesses. Thanks Eric, Ray” December 12, 2008
    Ray Mumme, President / Founder, All Natural Health Food & Wellness Products

    “I highly recommend Eric Spirtas based upon my fantastic experience working with him. I have found Eric to be extremely efficent, able to deliver exactly what we agreed to in a timely fashion and within budget, and without having to go back to redo his work because it was done right the first time. Eric thinks "outside the box" and tackles every challenge by finding a way to "make it happen" even when faced with difficult or seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You should receive excellent value working with Eric!” October 23, 2008
    John Gatewood, CFP®, CLU®

    “Great business vision, proven business development & marketing skills. A great business partner and better person. Gary Bussard” February 20, 2007
    Gary Bussard, Branch Manager ENVOY Mortgage - Owner, Residential Mortgage / Assist2Sell

    “Eric has a unique ability to bring together people who are passionate about helping others and their organizations. Working with him in the last year with the Fundit Program Powered by Benefitbar and Yahoo has been a rewarding experience for me. I'd highly recommend Eric for his passion for helping those in need!” October 8, 2009
    Jack Benton, CSD, CFPS, Volunteer Charity Enrollment Consultant

    “Eric had approached me through my affiliation through my local Chamber of Commerce. We have since teamed up with Fund-it Benefit Bar to make an unbeatable team. Eric has the highest integrity and is a go-getter. His determination and leadership is what will make Fund-it a powerhouse in helping groups raise the money they need. It is a pleasure to now name him among my friends. I look forward to the many great accomplishments that we will achieve as a team.” December 22, 2008
    Gary Paricio, Managing Consultant, Fund-it Benefit Bar