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Niagara Development - Colaborative Efforts

Niagara Development considers community time spent at the mill a success for everyone involved.  After outlining the general plan for future site development, many misconceptions are demolished.

This is a starting point to begin dialogue.  At anytime, please reach out with ideas and referrals.  Niagara Development will be punctual with its response and more so, will involve the community in the loop as things develop.

Ongoing updates will be shared with the growing group of interested community members and area officials as information is available, and most certainly all of the discussion points from these meetings will be at the top of the agenda during each follow-on “Business After Hours” meeting as they are planned and occur.

One of the most significant topics to be discussed:  The "Search for 100 Families”.

With a joint effort launched by the neighboring towns, officials and town business leaders, a plan should be established that invites and welcomes new families to the surrounding area.  This is very complicated and will require massive communication between public and business as well as community constituency.  We will have to demand more of; our government, area stores, available recreation, local businesses, public schools as well as our selves to even consider such a lofty goal.

Thank you again for your participation and support.  See you next time, “After Hours”.