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Stock, Shipping, and Coating Departments

The stock system is designed to prepare the purchased fibers for the paper lines, collect and process loose and roll broke, and bale any extra groundwood on a wet lap machine (for sale to other interested parties).  These processes share the same building as the shipping department (building 109) in addition to buildings 94 and 110.  Six railcar lines and five truck docks were used for incoming pulps while also being used to ship the final product to the customer.
The fiber preparation processes includes automatic destacking/dewiring, fully automated pulping, single stage and dual stage refining, and large volume storage.  Three fiber types were processed in two repulping systems due to the highly automated repulping controls.  Roll broke was cut with a large guillotine style device and processed for use back on the paper machines.  When excess groundwood was available, it was processed through a twin-wire wet lap machine which manufactured stacks of pulp approximately 4’x4’x6’.

Shipping of the product originated at the roll wrapper in Building 94 on the machine floor level.  Finished paper rolls were lowered to the shipping level, upended to a horizontal elevated roll conveyor, and grabbed by clamp tractors for storage in the shipping building or loading in a truck or rail car.  The storage capacity for rolls in the shipping building is 2000 tons.  An additional 800 tons can be stored in Building 51, as well.

Stock and Shipping (Building 109)
The coating preparation equipment located in building 105 has been removed except for some storage silo’s, storage tanks, and minor miscellaneous equipment.
Coating Plant (Building 105)
Stock, Shipping, and Coating Department process details

Stock Preparation

Railcar Unloading

Six railcar spots available for unloading the mix of:
 -Northern softwood kraft
 -Hardwood kraft
 -Recycle fiber
Voith Sulzer
22 bales per batch
20 minutes per batch
344 tons per day
Supply Chests
40 ton unrefined softwood kraft storage
Two ton refiner consistency chest
40 tons refined kraft storage tank

42” Beloit refiner
42” Sprout refiner
34” Sprout refiner
Three 24” J&L refiners

Destacking/Dewiring System
Advanced dynamics destacking and dewiring system
Capacity 4.8 tons oven dry epr cycle
Hardwood & Recycle Pulper Line
Hardwood line:
 -7.3 ton drop chest
 -10 ton refined hardwood storage chest
 -5 ton hardwood supply chest
Recycle line:
 -4.2 ton drop chest
 -10 ton recycled storage
 -2 ton recycled supply chest
Broke Storage
60 ton uncoated broke storage chest
100 ton coated broke storage chest
Project completed in 1995

East Repulper
Converted to a broke pulper with installation of a guillotine
Voith Sulzer equipment
Project completed in 1999

Wet Lap
Installed in 2000
Andritz modified Hymac 100” twin wire press
Floating wedge drainage element
S-roll drainage section
Three presses, with 4th nipped drive rolls
Andritz modified Kvaerner cutter laybox
Maximum design of 200 TPD
Limited to 100 TPD for bale quality
Aspen peroxide bleached PGW
Roll Wrapper
Manufactred by SUND Industries (SUND is presently operated by Valmet)
Installed in 1980
 -Scale can weigh rolls up to 10,000 lbs.
 -Diameters up to 51 inches
 -Length of rolls up to 72 inches
 -Six wrap stations for size selection
 -Heat transfer system for outside header placement
 -Capable of wrapping 1000 packages per day
Added the present shipping department in 1995
Storage capacity 2000 tons
Five truck docks
Six rail loading spots
Ship approximately 600 to 650 tons per day
Utilize a small warehouse on the company premise to store job lot or hold paper
 -Facility holds 800 tons
 -Facility has two truck docks and two rail spots
 -Two loaders per shift and two day material handlers
Coating Plant
With the following exceptions, most of the coating plant has been removed from service

Raw Material Storage
2 tanks – 76,500 gallons (#2 clay, delaminated clay)
2 tanks – 66,000 gallons (calcined clay, spare)
1 tank – 40,000 gallons (TiO2)
2 tanks with steam surface moisturizing system – 52,000 gallons (latex, plastic pigment)
2 stage silos – 300,000 lbs. each (pearl starch, wet end cationic starch)

Rail Unloading
2 tracks
6 rail car capacity
Starch unloading station
2 slurry unloading stations

Truck Unloading
1 unloading ramp with containment
Unloading platform for totes
3 tanker unloading lines (calcium stearate, synthetic lubricant, insolubilizer)

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